Breakfast: It doesn’t HAVE to be cereal and toast!

Noodles for breakfast are our favourite!

Do you or the kids skip breakfast because you just don’t enjoy breakfast foods? Then break the mould and find something you enjoy! The Nutrition Guru has noodles every morning with some vegetables ! Buckwheat, soba, udon, rice noodles…it’s limitless. There’s many gluten free noodles now on the market to cater for intolerances or Coeliacs.
A great healthy way to start the day that will leave you feeling full and satisfied, and a way to get some extra vegetables into your day!
 Be sure to read the packets of noodles and choose noodles with less than 2grams of fat per 100 grams. Some noodles have been deep fried prior to being packaged and are high in fat, so stick to the low fat noodles

A simple way to cook

Place noodles in bowl and pour boiling water over the top. Sprinkle a teaspoon of massel chicken stock powder on top. Finely chop some broccoli, or any greens and al…so place on top. If you have any leftovers, you could put these on too, like chicken, egg, mushrooms. Wrap with cling wrap and leave for approx 5 mins until noodles have cooked.

Or simply pop into a  pan of boiling water, cook to manufacturers instructions.

And take a look at my gorgeous niece ‘Pearl’ 12 months old and just loving her noodles!

Mmmm! Nutritious snacks for little ones!

If feeding toddlers noodles, steer clear of buckwheat noodles or soba noodles as buckwheat can cause allergy in little ones. Cook them a little longer than you would for an adult so that they are softer, and cut them up into little mouthful size pieces. These are our favourite noodles

2 minute noodles have 12 grams of fat in one square block as they are deep fried before being put in the package, whereas these only have 4 grams for the same amount and are much yummier, and made with different grains.


5 thoughts on “Breakfast: It doesn’t HAVE to be cereal and toast!

  1. A great post – I stuggle with breakfasts – years of commuting at a crazy early time of the day dealt that one a blow, and as I can’t have dairy cereals are a no no. But like you I do sometimes have noodles, I like them with a poached egg and a dash of soy on top.

    • Sounds delish! I often have that as well! I found that i was able to buy a thermos, put dry noodles inside then pour boiling water on top and a dash of chicken stock powder. I put the lid on and then head out the door to work etc. By the time I get there, the noodles have cooked and i just open up my thermos and chow them down! And it makes sure I get in my most important meal of the day! Thanks for stopping by

  2. great post! it felt like punishment growing up and eating weetbix or porridge for brekky – my body craves something savory at that time of the morning whether it’s dinner from the night before or a green smoothie. thanks for the suggestion of noodles 🙂

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