Passion for your career: Do something you LOVE

This is a picture of the chef taken last year on our honeymoon in Singapore. When we go out to dinner he always takes (what seems to me) hours to study the menu.

It is truly inspiring to see, after being a chef now for almost 20 years…that he still has such a passion for food, cooking, and his profession. He still comes home after work and reads cook books at 1am for ‘ideas’.

What a blessing to be able to live your life doing what you love.

We should all chase our dreams and spend our working life doing something that keeps us happy, inspired and interested in life.


8 thoughts on “Passion for your career: Do something you LOVE

  1. By the way, thanks for the follow back. You blog is truly amazing! I am in a process of chasing my dream as well…hopefully, if this idea of mine works out, I will be able to work on my own.

  2. wow. this was inspiring to read. currently reading the book ‘dying to be me’ by anita moorjani and your comment about ‘doing what you love’ aligns with one of her comments, ‘do what gives you joy’. love it.

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