FOOD is our FUEL – Nourish your body


Cherish your body. This is the only one you have. The food we eat is made up of tiny molecules which the digestive system amazingly breaks down into our ‘fuel’ or energy. This means ‘energy’ to run or dance wildly, but it also means ‘energy’ to make new skin cells, make immune cells, and even  brain cells. The food we eat, and the energy we get from it, is just like the petrol we put in our car to make the car GO! 

Some foods like fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, lean meats, wholegrains, eggs, legumes etc give the body wonderful ‘energy’. Some foods such as high fat and high sugar foods (you know which ones) are like putting dirty fuel into your car. They cause disease and harm to the body.

We aren’t like a car, where you can run it down, let it rust, let the tyres burst, radiator overheat and still be able to just take it to the shop and buy a new part. The human body doesn’t have spare parts. We have been given one body and that’s it.

 Most of us give our car a service regularly in order to maintain it’s working order, we wash it, polish it and vaccuum it to keep it clean.

How many of us …stop and actively give our body..the only one we have…with no available spare parts….the time and care that it needs in order to maintain it’s working order? We wouldn’t put dirty fuel in our car, out of fear it would damage the car and stop it from working.

Food is our FUEL, so be mindful of the fuel (food) you use so that you don’t conk out on the journey called LIFE!




2 thoughts on “FOOD is our FUEL – Nourish your body

    • Yes I always find it funny to see people meticulously cleaning their car, vaccuming it, getting it services exactly when it’s due, putting the best petrol in it….but then not looking after their own health! Love your blog by the way! well done!

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