Eumundi Markets – set forth and EAT!

 Eumundi Markets

For those that don’t know, Eumundi is a quaint little town 15 mins or so from where we live in Noosa. The chef is on holidays at the moment and he decided he really wanted to spend one of his last days exploring the food at eumundi markets. The markets are wonderful, with a huge array of different stalls ranging from quick bites to eat, fresh produce, gorgeous handmade clothes, jewellery, swanky kiddies clothes, street performers, music and lots of sunshine 🙂 There is such a large number of stalls, and we only just skimmed the surface.

If you are searching for something to do on the sunshine coast, then these markets are worth a trip. There is a  great community vibe and so many wonderful things to see and do. It’s a lovely location where there are areas of glorious sunshine and areas of shade under gorgeous fig trees.

Naturally we headed straight to the food section. But, not before the Nutrition Guru had a quick drink with the Eumundi-licious gals.

 Francky’s nuts

We met french Francky  (yes with a CK) from Francky La Praline cooking up his nuts….almonds, cashews etc. You could smell them cooking from a mile away, that gorgeous aroma of honey caramelising. Francky uses honey instead of sugar to coat his nuts, making them a much more nutritious and delicious option over the supermarket packaged varieties that use plain old sugar. He has a couple of other special secrets as well….but they will remain in the french secret vault.

The wonderful thing is, that these nuts have flavour. They aren’t too sweet, so you can taste the nuts as well as delicious honey. Francky is at Eumundi each Wednesday and Saturday as well as the Noosa Farmers Market on a Sunday


Leigh and Sophie are a fab team bringing their talent  from the Spirit House restaurant as well as various other very well known establishments. They travel overseas to gain inspiration and knowledge of asian cooking and it shows in their tasty dishes. They are not just your average asian food that ‘westeners’ enjoy. They serve real asian food and have spent a lot of time perfecting their recipes and it shows in both the way they present their dishes, as well as the flavours. You can smell their stall from a mile away and hear the scraping and clanging of their woks with steam and aromas of asian herbs, meat and veges cooking. It’s enough to make you follow your nose to their stall and grab something to munch on. You can follow them on facebook here.

The chicken larb was full of flavour, crunch and not oily or greasy. They serve this dish with sticky rice which is just  heaven. What a healthy and vibrant dish!

Steamed freshly made dumplings

Five Spice Pork Skewers

The pork dish was wonderful and Leigh explained that he has been on a mission which has taken 12 months to perfect this one! Well worth the effort we say! It is served here with eggplant which is soft and tender with some crunch (not like grandma used to make sloppy and mushy).

Sticky rice, made the traditional way

Great Menu…hard to choose!

French Churros

The chef has a mighty sweet tooth (like me) and had heard about the marvelous churros and was dying to try them. Phillipe makes them fresh while you are waiting and serves them with your choice of sauces to dip into. Churros is like a long, light and airy doughnut. The chef didn’t eat these, he inhaled them so quickly I didn’t even get to snap a pic of him eating them. DELISH!


These guys make all their own sauces, dips, curry powders, jams….everything! They use the freshest of ingredients and their products are gluten free. Great for pressies and to have in the pantry to make those dishes you make that extra bit special.

The coriander sauce was devine and could be used to put inside a sushi roll. Their Curry powders had pungent strong spicy aromas which is the sign of a fresh curry powder. The nutritional benefits of curry powders range from the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, aiding in good digestion, boosting of the immune system, reduction of inflammation within the body …just to  name a few.


A locally produced cheese just north of Eumundi. It is a quaint stall boasting delicious produce including breads, cheeses and freshly made butter.

We purchased a bottle of their GOATS MILK YOGHURT which contains no gelatine, thickeners, preservatives, sugar, or flavours. It’s devine and I drank it straight from the bottle. Yoghurt is full of good bacteria which keeps our digestive and immune system functioning at its peak. The Chef enjoyed sampling (as everyone can) the different style of cheeses they produce.

Taste testing everything of course

And check out these planter stands. What a fabulous way to grow your own herbs and small vegetables in a small space!

And look at these exciting tea towels! My Wooden Heart

I just love a snazzy tea towel!

WEdnesday at Eumundi was a great day out and can’t wait to do it again!

9 thoughts on “Eumundi Markets – set forth and EAT!

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  3. Amazing blog, I think I follow you on every available medium, and wanted to thank you for all of your healthy inspirations! I especially like your sweet creations, as I too have a sweet tooth :$
    A girlfriend and I are heading up from Brisbane on ANZAC day for the weekend and was hoping you could offer some more great things to do.
    We have both been to the Sunshine Coast a number of times, but would appreciate some insider knowledge!
    We will be staying in the forests of Montville but happy to travel around far and wide.
    Keep up the sensational work, and am hoping you start your cooking classes soon as we will venture back up for that!

      • Thank you for your reply!!
        Sorry that was a tad vague.
        Everything and anything, I have had a browse through your site and saw some interesting spots, as well as from my general googling.
        I am thinking: markets, beach, rainforest walks, definitely foodie options, I note a few cheese & wine tours…. just hoping you could steer me toward the cream of the crop.
        And the restaurants you frequent, as they all look amaze!

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