Noosa International Food and Wine Festival- It’s not JUST about eating!

It’s getting exciting now

By: The Nutrition Guru

I’m just so thrilled to be heading to the Noosa International Food and Wine Festival. It’s turned my world upside down.

Months ago, when I was very unwell, I entered a competition to win tickets to the festival and forgot all about it. Not long ago I found out I was the lucky winner thanks to ILVE  and it was an absolute dream come true.

Just quickly, I have been unwell with severe chest and throat pain for 7 months. I carried about my day, doing my prac as a dietitian in Nambour Hospital and Bundaberg Hospital. For the last 4 months, I haven’t been able to eat solid food…only liquids which is absolute torture. After many many tests, procedures, Dr’s, specialists and $$$… it turns out I have a spasm in one of the muscle of my throat ( a big cramp). This means I can’t get food down my oesophagus.

I have just spent 3 weeks in Nambour hospital as a patient and I am now at home resting up whilst they try to ‘figure out’ what to do. I was complaining to the Chef constantly that I wanted to go to the food festival in May.

The Chef taking good care of me

The Dream

 Now one night, I was feeling very down in the dumps about the whole situation. Sustagen for breakfast lunch and dinner is not the most exciting of diets and constant pain can make you tired and cranky. But then…I checked my email. I found out that I was going to the Food Festival!

Now you might be thinking ‘What would a girl who can’t eat, want to go to a food festival for?’

 Well, it’s not just about EATING you see.

 Food brings people together. I enjoy the social interaction that can take place whilst two  people from two different walks of life are in the one place – such as the food festival and can strike up a conversation whilst gazing at Poh and her cooking abilities.

I enjoy watching Chefs get passionate about their career, the produce they are cooking with, and the new recipes that they have developed.

I love the smells of different spices and herbs as they hit the pan and waft through the air and the different memories and the feelings that can evoke, all within a second.

I love the fact that all in one place, will be a myriad of extra special chefs that are all there to showcase and share their talent.

I love the fact that something like the food festival is an event where families and friends can spend time together, in the sun, sharing a bite to eat instead of computer games and emails.

The food at the festival is absolutely first class. It is the latest and greatest from Australia and Australia is kicking some culinary butt on the world culinary stage at the moment!

I can’t wait to see what these chefs have to share with us normal folk who love food.

I look forward to wandering around the Pavillion and being introduced to some of the latest cookware products and fresh produce

So, the reason I am going to the Food Festival is that I want to enjoy and experience ALL of these things. I don’t JUST want to chow down all the food (dear god I wish I could), but I am staying positive and going to experience EVERYTHING the food festival has to offer.


The biggest dream of all…

 Whilst I was in hospital, I made a list of all the goals I wanted to achieve. I was quite unwell, and this gave me some positive focus and energy whilst I was stuck in a hospital bed. Do you know what was at the top of the list?


Now, deep down I didn’t think this could really happen…at all…ever. But, as the world, the stars, and all the kitchen knives and forks have aligned… I am lucky enough to be attending Maggie Beer and Simon Bryant’s Event tomorrow night. They are both two of my absolute favourites and I have been on the couch recovering watching my ‘Cook and the Chef’ dvd’s which have kept me sane.

Thankyou to NOOSA INTERNATIONAL FOOD AND WINE FESTIVAL and SOCIAL TAP for the wonderful opportunity, my DREAM really has come true.  

Maggie Beer at the Australia Day citizenship c...

Maggie Beer at the Australia Day citizenship ceremony at Commonwealth Park in Canberra. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is little Luigi minding my tickets for me! He is guarding these precious parcels with his life! Until….. 


Fat Fabio got a hold of them and he is the keeper and guard of these ‘dream’ tickets

 And here are my collection of books from the chefs and cooks I wish to see at the event…excited, excited, excited!

The nutrition guru pretty excited to get her tickets to the event!

If only The Chef could come with me, but he is already busy cooking up a storm with the Wasabi crew in preparation for their appearance at the event!

I also wanted to write this post, to share the thought with readers that even when things look down, you still have to look up. There IS light at the end of the tunnel, and finding pleasure in SIMPLE things is the key to contentment and moving forward. I hope everybody who is going to the festival has a fabulous time! And stay tuned to the blogging of the event over the next 4 days!

Stay healthy and happy…Nutrition Guru


10 thoughts on “Noosa International Food and Wine Festival- It’s not JUST about eating!

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  2. I hope you have a great time at the Noosa food festival. It sounds like you deserve it!. I could not imagine not being able to swallow solids for 7 months!. Thanks for visiting my blog too.

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