Maggie Beer and Simon Bryant at the Food Festival.

Thisevening I had the opportunity to attend ‘The Cook, the Chef and the Orchestra’ event at the Noosa International Food and Wine festival. You can read the previous post here as to just how excited I was to attend this event. I was bursting at the seams!!!

 Maggie Beer and Simon Bryant from the hit tv cooking show ‘The Cook and the Chef’ cooked up a storm in front of hundreds of eager food enthusiasts, whilst the Queensland Orchestra played in the background and flautist Jane Rutter also made a stunning appearance.  

Prior to the event, the sun was setting, the stage was being prepared and guests were able to roam freely around the food festival enjoying the different food stalls on offer. There was lots of chatter, laughs and vino. Of course…it’s the food festival right!

As Maggie and Simon came out onto the stage, to the QLD orchestra playing their hit Tv shows theme song, I got boosbumps and stood from my chair and cheered. And LOUDLY! Not the most classiest of reactions I know, but as I said…I was BURSTING with excitement!

What followed was smiles and jokes, fabulous cooking and hilarious culinary mistakes. A big Paella pan, duck pancakes and steamed dumplings. Plucking of pheasants, accidental burning of paella and gorgeous classical music. Simon and his ‘chef-ness’ and Maggie and her ‘cook-ness’. Both different styles of which compliment each other so well.

I sat to the side taking photo’s and for a moment I looked into the large crowd. Hundreds of people there watching, each of them with a smile on their face. No one bored, no one angry, no one ready to go home. Each person I could see, had a SMILE on their dial and was feeling great.

I think it’s lovely and amazing that two food presenters such as Maggie Beer and Simon Bryant have the ability to brighten peoples day simply by sharing their food fun.

They certainly brightened MY DAY!

Maggie loves her pheasants. She plucked it, and chucked it in the oven…as you do!

Simon Bryant – a true pro

Julie Goodwin and Adam Liaw enjoying the evening


Words cannot explain the joy of being able to meet Mrs Maggie Beer

Foodie Stalls

An array of delicious foods were on offer this year. Here’s a peek of just a few

Spoon Fed: On site Catering and event management

SPOON FED whipping up their delicious goodies

Above: Senor Paella’s Catering and Pans cooked up an amazing traditional spanish paella!


Tomorrow I am off on a Hinterland food trail  tour into the Blackall Range with Chefs John Barthemess, Martin Duncan, Mark Jensen, and Cameron Matthews. As well as the infamous STEPHANIE ALEXANDER.

For a full list of the festival events and timetable click here

 Until Tomorrow…Nutrition Guru

10 thoughts on “Maggie Beer and Simon Bryant at the Food Festival.

  1. I met Maggie Beer once at a wedding and am delighted to say that she was just as lovely in person as she seems on the telly. I also had the privelege of eating at the Pheasant Farm when she still had it. To this day, it remains one of my most memorable meals. It looks as though you had a ball. So happy for you!

  2. Hello Lovely 🙂
    Beautiful post! Cant wait to read more too! Was an amazing weekend, i had so much fun and found a few new friends too.
    Lots of love

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