Harajuku Gyoza – A gyoza-licious eating adventure on Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

Written by: The Nutrition Guru

After a day of medical appointments in Brisbane for me, the Chef was tuckered out and needed feeding. It was early – only 5 pm so we weren’t sure what would be open but were super excited when we saw the ‘OPEN’ sign on the relatively new Harajuku Gyoza Restaurant when we drove past. We quickly did a u-turn and jumped through the door, eager on a cold autumn afternoon to try some hot fresh gyoza.

Oozing with Japanese-ness this place seems to be the perfect Brisbane spot to drop in for food and beer. From the enthusiastic walk in welcome greeting of ‘irasshaimmase’ by the friendly japanese waiters, to the perfect tasty gyoza and the quirky japanese printed plates to eat off. The wood walls, with red stools and chairs and red soft lighting creates a mood where we felt we were able to just sit and indulge in our food. The waitress did tell us that we had arrived at the right time though, as usually from 6-8pm there is a que all the way out the door along the sidewalk. We sat at the bar, which gave a good vantage point to see all the goings on of the restaurant. You can also sit at chairs and table, or comfy big booths for groups.

The comfortable and snazzy interior

This plate would put a smile on any gyoza eaters dial

Look at the chefs smile as he waits happily for his gyoza

The Food

The menu hosts a range of gyoza such as duck, pork, prawn, vege and chicken, and you can have them poached or grilled. They are handmade in house and burst with flavour as you pop the little parcels into your mouth. The gyoza pastry is nice and thin, and when they arrive at your table (which was super quick by the way), they are not too oily or dry. They also have a dessert gyoza ‘apple gyoza with icecream’ which seemed intriguing but unfortunately our bellies were full and we had to leave that one for our next visit.

Side dishes were simple and inexpensive and we tried the ‘bean sprouts with pork’ and a couple of bowls of Miso soup as the miso was just delicious. They also have cooked dishes such as ‘agadashi tofu’ which was sweet, salty, warm and filling.

A range of beers, wine, sake and plum wine is also on offer which is the draw card for this gyoza house. A plate of hot freshly made gyoza and a beer is satisfying and rewarding. When you order sake, the waitresses come to your table and sing you a very loud song with clapping hands and lots of smiles. Admittedly at first this was strange, but then  it was so fun and an element that provides character and a sense of happiness to the place.

Agadashi tofu

The nutrition guru just loving her miso soup

Miso soup – delicious AND nutritious

Bean sprouts with pork

Duck gyoza. The Chef ate these so quickly, I hardly had time to snap a photo. Delicious


The Verdict 

Good food, great gyoza, and a comfy and stylish interior. Service was quick and came with a smile which is a big tick in  our book. Definately a fun place to have a bite of some great food. The chef works at an award winning Japanese restaurant. One thing i love about him is that he’s never a fussy or snobby when he dines out at all, but he DOES know how to make a top gyoza. The chef loved these gyoza and he rated the gyoza an 8 or 9 out of 10 which is really fabulous on his rating scale! He doesn’t give away points easily.  He just loved them and can’t wait to go back for more.

From a nutrition perspective, it’s a great place to have some healthy food which comes in very good sized portions which gives it my big tick of approval. Because it all tastes so good, and is reasonably priced, you would just have to be careful not to order 30 dishes!

We loved Harajuku gyoza for its food, service and charm and can’t wait to get back there for some gyoza-licious gyozas very soon!

Stay happy and healthy…Nutrition Guru

Crazy japanese pictures on plates kept me occupied while waiting for our meal


Sake and plum wine


Beer on tap

Service with a smile


The bar

Contact Details

394 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane Australia

Phone 38524624


Harajuku Gyoza on Urbanspoon


One thought on “Harajuku Gyoza – A gyoza-licious eating adventure on Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

  1. Hi Nutrition Guru, Hi Chef! this review has resulted in me calling up my girlies and making a dumpling date at Sea Bay (Sydney, you have to try it if you visit!)…there goes the diet! I was wondering if I could maybe get some help? I’m working on a dating app atm, and a part of the app will have bloggers recommending 5-10 places in their city to check out for a first date, I was wondering if you might recommend maybe a few places you love? I really love that you know so many healthy places to eat. I will put links up to your blog on the app and so far we have 2,000 signed up to download the app (I’m pretty surprised but so excited!) you can pop on here – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dG93enNmdHRPOTVuUWVqOFJMUElibnc6MQ or email me on lauren@heylets.com xxx

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