Sit and Breathe…

The Chef has an inspiring ability to just sit and relax

Life get’s hectic. Life get’s crazy. Life get’s overwhealming.

It’s funny that no matter how busy we are we always find the time to shave our legs or 5 o’clock shadow, clean out the car, or file our paperwork but we always put our mental health on the back burner.

Scheduling, or at least being conscious of making some time to just sit and breathe can help us in so many ways.

Clear our mind

Focus our energy

Re energise

Gather strength

Find clarity

Find inspiration

Settle our heart rate

Oxygenate our blood

Reduce stress

Increase our ability to cope

Open our heart

Settle our nerves

Find peace

And these are just some of the many benefits of taking 5 mins to just sit and gather our thoughts. We all will experience different things. Try it. Set a goal of at least doing this every second day, and see how you feel.

You can see the list above, look how many positives, from just sitting…and none of those amazing benefits require medication, money or other people to help you.

So go to the park, go to the beach, go to your loungeroom…

Sit, relax and breathe.

Until next time…

The nUtrition gUru. x


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