Meet The Chef

This week it is The Chef’s turn to reveal a little about himself. Why? Well we have had many questions asking us all sorts of questions and so we decided to do a little blog post to answer them.

Your favourite restaurant: Definately Waku Ghin in Singapore. This is Tetsuya Wakuda’s new restaurant in the 8 billion dollar Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino. We dined here for our honeymoon. Tesuya resides in Australia, but the night we chose to dine there he happened to be there cooking. We were so lucky to be given a tour through his kitchen and sit and have a chat with him. He has always been a chef that I look up to, and gain inspiration from.  We had 14 courses and loved every mouthful.

Meeting Tetsuya

Favourite home cooked dinner: The Nutrition Guru’s Roast Pork with roast vegies and gravy made from the pan juices is a real winner. Another favourite is a stir fry. When you need to whip up a quick meal its perfect.

Biggest boo boo in the kitchen: I always use too much chilli and burn the Nutrition Guru’s head off .

Favourite food: Rice.

If you could only eat one food forever what would it be? Rice. It can be paired with everything and can be used in so many ways.

What cuisine do you like to cook: Everything. My parents owned a Chinese restaurant, so I like to cook Chinese. I was trained in French technique as an apprentice which gave me the basics of cooking. I also enjoy cooking Thai food as I have spent a few years working at The Spirit House Restaurant. Now working at Wasabi, I am mastering the Japanese way of cooking.

Top tip for the kitchen: Taste your cooking as you go, that way you can adjust  it and end up with the perfect dish. Also, don’t be afraid to deviate from a recipe. If you think that you could add some grated zuccini to a stir fry, then do it! Even if it’s not in the recipe! Combinations of ingredients are endless and get your creative side going.

How old were you when  you cooked for the first time: I used to  love fried egg sandwhiches, and when I was 8 years old I asked mum to make me one after school. She was too busy and I was starving, so I grabbed the wok and cooked fried eggs myself. I’m lucky I didn’t burn the house down. From then on, I really loved cooking for myself. I did a good job and she let me cook them from then on.

The Chef as a young food lover with his mum

Food idols you would  love to meet? Anyone that’s passionate about cooking. I’ll talk about food with anyone.

Favourite cookbook: Used to be Escoffier and La Rousse, but nowdays any  modern cookbook is great. There are so many cookbooks to choose from now, and the key is to stand in the bookstore and flick through them.

If you could have one of the Nutrition Guru’s skills what would it be? Her ability to make a mess in the kitchen and not be bothered by it!

If someone had to describe you what they would they say? He’s the guy that loves to eat.

Your pet hate: Driving behing stinky garbage trucks. Yes weird I know, but all I can imagine is all those particles of garbage going into the air and me breathing it in.

If you could have a super power what would it be: Become invisible.

How did you and the Nutrition guru meet: I was introduced to Tara as she was a new staff member where I worked. I was taken back by her beautiful smile and her kind and generous personality. She had loud clicking high heels (I think to make her taller). We dated soon after.

Favourite way to wind down on your days off? Surfing and sleeping.

Why do you like to be healthy? So that I can feel good every day. I surf every day if I can.

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