A week of food – what does a Nutrition Guru cook?

So what has the Nutrition Guru been serving up this week?

1. Beef wagyu stew with potato mash 2. Buckwheat noodles with pork, ginger, carrot, kale and egg 3. Japanese eggplant with sesame seeds 4. Chinese noodle soup 5. Fresh strawberry and balsamic vinegar gelato 6. Delicious beetroot juices with beets from the farmers market 7. Fresh goats milk and lavender icecream 8. Scrambled eggs with tamarind paste 9. Carrot soup

What are you going to cook this week?

Stay happy and healthy…the Nutrition Guru

7 thoughts on “A week of food – what does a Nutrition Guru cook?

  1. I’m not sure what I’m going to make every day this week, but tonight I made a “chicken” (quorn) and mushroom paella, with Rice Plus (http://www.riceplus.com.au/) instead of normal rice. I just discovered this at my local woolies last week and it was amazing! I love the sound of the carrot soup but it’s not cold enough in Central/North QLD for soup anymore 😉 xo.

      • Ooohhh…I wouldn’t have thought to do it that way 🙂 I might use it tomorrow night as I’m making bolognaise for the boy but need something vegetarian for myself. Yum! Thanks for the tip 🙂 xo.

      • PS – I didn’t realise you were so far north too! For some reason, I thought you guys were in Melbourne but I just checked the recipe again and you mentioned Noosa, so I guess you know exactly what the weather’s like at the moment. Hehe. I should be more observant! xo.

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