The Velo Project a Mooloolaba Cafe

Photographs and words by: The Nutrition Guru

I kept seeing photo’s of cute little tea cups, cakes, crepes and wooden tables popping up on Facebook and Instagram feeds. Friends were heading to this relatively new cafe in Mooloolaba and taking loads of pics. So curiosity got the better of me and I grabbed my camera along with my friend Miss V and we set a morning tea date for the Velo Project.

When I walked in I instantly realised why so many people had been taking happy snaps of this venue. Loads of charm, character and a million things for the eyes to look at. From the tea cups, the mis-matched chairs, the fresh produce to the vintage telephone, open kitchen and oddly coloured brown bricks.

I was impressed by the large turkey sitting on the kitchen pass that had just been taken out of the oven, resting. When I asked the cook, he told me that  it was used in their fresh baguette sandwiches. You don’t see that every day. Miss V has crepes that were light and thin, served with passionfruit and cream and made right in front of us on the crepe stove. I had a delicious mushroom soup that was full of flavour. They also serve a range of cake, tiny treats such as macarons and ‘velo bliss balls’ as well as their full menu which is European inspired and looks to be a reasonable price. They also sell a range of local produce from their large fridge display.

This little cafe was created to provide a space to sit, create, eat and chat. It is tucked away in the back of Mooloolaba, and packed full of locals. Worth wandering off the beaten tourist trip for a coffee and bite to eat. Oh, and take your camera!

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