Our Wedding

We were married last year. What a wonderful day. The wedding was a total DIY wedding, with Jeff even cooking the food! You can read our story here.

Mike and Amy's Blog

We are introducing and exciting new feature to our blog. Each month we will select one wedding from the previous month to feature on our blog. By telling the gorgeous stories of just some of our brides and grooms we hope to inspire others on their journey to planning their wedding.  We trust that you will enjoy reading the stories of our brides and grooms.

We gave Tara a few questions to answer, Thanks Tara for telling us Jeff and your special story.

How did you both meet?

Jeff was a chef, and I was a waitress at a boutique functions centre in Brisbane. Jeff always worked in a particular section of the kitchen, and I used to always try and do all the jobs that involved being the section of the kitchen were jeff was stationed. I would have an excuse to have to talk to (and look at)…

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