Avocado Icecream

Words, recipe and Photography by: The Nutrition Guru

You are probably mortified by the sound of avocado in an icecream. Stick with me here. One of our philosophies is ‘you never know till you give it a go’. This is definately one of those dishes.

I do love avocado’s for their creamy, nutty flavour as well as their numerous health benefits of course. After first becoming addicted to them in Singapore I drink a lot of avocado milkshakes, especially in the Summertime. I wanted to try and re-create the milkshake, in icecream form.

This recipe uses sugar syrup and cream,  although I will provide some simple alternatives at the end. I was very pleased with the way this icecream turned out, as it is super soft and luxurious.



3 small ripe avocados
3/4 cup castor sugar
1 cup greek yoghurt or sour cream
1/2 cup thickened cream


  • Scoop out the flesh from the avocado’s and place all ingredients in either a blender and mix, or a large bowl and use a hand mixer to blend until a smooth paste.
  • Churn in the icecream maker according to manufacturers instructions
  • Alternatively you can drink the mixture as a smoothie, or line a container with glad wrap and pour mixture into lined container. Place in freezer. Remove every half an hour and scrape mixture with a fork and return back to freezer. Repeat approximately 4 times.

Ingredient variations:

  • Replace sugar with 1/2 C honey
  • Replace yoghurt/sour cream with the same quantity of low fat yoghurt, low fat sour cream, milk, coconut milk or coconut cream (or the light versions of).
  • Add 4 tbsp cocoa powder to make a decadent chocolate treat.


6 thoughts on “Avocado Icecream

  1. Hi NG,
    I don’t have Facebook anymore but have a question for you and I couldn’t find where to ask on your blog so I hope here is ok.
    I eat yoghurt everyday on my oats .Im just wondering which yoghurt is the healthiest?
    Thank you
    Katie 🙂

    • Hi Katie. Thanks for asking! It all depends on the person. If someone eats a LOT of fat and sugar and needs to lose 20 kg, then a low fat yoghurt is good. But on the other hand, if someone is a healthy weight and eats a balanced diet then I feel a full fat yoghurt is fine.

      I like to look for a yoghurt with the most ‘good bacteria’ in it. It’s very good for your intestines to keep them healthy. Modern yoghurts now make a milk and sugar mixture and then inject the good bacteria into it. The old fashioned way to make yoghurt is to leave milk to ferment (the good bacteria grow in it and thicken it). This is what ‘pot set’ yoghurt means and Jaalna do a lovely one that we buy regularly. We also like the Bornhoffen brand.

      Greek yoghurt is often high in fat but this can be ok if you’re just sticking to a little bit. I usually stay away from the yoghurts that have a lot of added thickeners preservatives and colours.

      Hope this helps! my email is tarmez1@optusnet.com.au if you ever want to ask any questions!

      • That’s great.Thanks Tara.I have bought Jalna today and it’s really tasty.
        Thanks for your email address too,I’m sure I will have more questions,especially with Lyla eating solids now too.

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