Arty Mugs

I have had a few requests for instructions as to how I have drawn on my own mugs. It’s simple really, and I’m definately no artist. So here it is.

I bought mugs for 60 cents each from the Reject Shop. Easy

I bought a stack of them so that if i fudged them up, it wouldn’t matter. Easy

I bought a stack of them so that I could give them away as presents. Easy

I bought a couple of ‘sharpie’ pens from the newsagent to draw on the mugs. Easy

You draw on the mugs. Kinda easy

If you make a mistake you can simply wipe off with a damp cloth. Easy

Bake your finished work  in the oven for 60 mins on 180 degrees. Turn the oven off and leave the mugs in there to continue to bake. Easy

Easy. Easy. Easy.

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Quote by: The Nutrition Guru

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13 thoughts on “Arty Mugs

  1. Have you hand washed these yet? I’m wondering if your sharpie design has worn off a little. I’ve made one of these mugs and when I washed it, some of the design came off. I’d like to make some of these for gifts and was wondering if the design would hold up to hand washing.

    • Hi Jenn, Have handwashed with a soft cloth and the design has only just started to fade. I know some friends who have tried the mugs and have had some fading. I think it is very dependent upon the material the mug is made out of and also whether you wash them with force! I’m sorry that I can’t be more specific than that, but haven’t worked out the exact science behind it. All I can say is that mine have worked fine, and have also had friends that still have success with their design after a long time of washing and wear.

      Even if it doesn’t last forever, I’m sure your friends would just love the thought of their own personalised mug! Let me know how you go!

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