Smoothie Cubes

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Strawberries are in season and The Chef and I keep coming home with kilo’s and kilo’s of strawberries as they are such a wonderful price at the moment. We just love them. Unfortunately they don’t last forever though, so I wanted to store them for the coming Summer. I often freeze them whole, but after seeing ‘smoothie cubes’ in supermarkets recently I thought it would be great to recreate my own without any added nasties.

How to:

Blend strawberries or any other fruit

Pour into ice cube trays


Throw  into blender with milk for a delicious and quick smoothie year round


  • Add yoghurt to the strawberry mix when freezing
  • Add vanilla paste
  • Add pureed apples
  • Add washed and chopped mint. Perfect combination with berries
  • Add smoothie cubes to your water jug to create a lovely centrepiece for your guests.
  • The smoothie cubes make a great little treat straight out of the freezer,  for the kiddies on a hot day

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