Lessons in Life

By: The Nutrition Guru

What I’ve learned from The Chef

There is no greater lesson(s) in life, than that which the people closest to you can teach you.

Here is what I have learned from The Chef.

If someone doesn’t like something you have cooked them, it doesn’t mean they don’t like YOU it just means they don’t like the food.

You’ll never find your car keys if you run around in a flap about it.

Don’t throw out perfectly good food.

Driving like a grandma is cool (yes he drives like a grandma).

If you’re tired, go to sleep. Don’t push through it just to be a martyr.

Don’t do 10 things at once. It just makes you look like a crazy woman.

What’s the most useful lesson you have learned from someone close to you?


3 thoughts on “Lessons in Life

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