Celebrating a Milestone

We recently reached 1000 likes on our facebook page. Considering when we started we honestly thought 40 people would join max –  this was a very exciting day for us. A friend called us and said ‘I remember when you actually reached 40 likes and The Nutrition Guru almost literally fainted with excitement!’

So when The Nutrition Guru actually realised that the 1000th like had ticked over, she went nuts. Dancing to ‘Gangnam Style’ she started jiggling and singing her own version of the song ‘Guru Style’.

It’s a small achievement but it has been a tough year and we have both learned to find happiness in the smallest of things. It is inspiring and refreshing to see The Nutrition Guru so excited.

We never started The Nutrition Guru and The Chef to gain a following, but simply to share. We just love sharing our life, our fun, our recipes and our nutrition tips with everyone. Thanks for the support.

Take a leaf out of The Nutrition Guru’s book – Don’t be afraid to get out there and do a bum wobble – Guru Style!!!


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