Goals to Live a Healthy Life

Recently we kicked off a week of Healthy Inspiration on the Facebook page, providing a daily goal to aim towards.

Let’s have a look at the reasons behind each of the goals.

Firstly, we started on a Saturday. Why a Saturday? Well, why not?

Many people often delay their new goal to a Monday, always a Monday. If you have in your head that you want to start a goal, then start it.  Don’t wait a week to do it, it only gives you a week longer to gorge yourself.

Many of us don’t drink enough water. You can find my full blog post here including a calculation to use to determine how much fluid you need per day.

Water nourished your body and is free.

 It’s often easy to sip on drinks such as sugar laden juices and soft drinks which over the course of the day add on the kilojoules and the kilograms. People that tell me they go all day without drinking any water, I ask “If you had a pet dog and went away for the day, would you leave out a bowl of water for the dog to drink”.

They always answer “Of course, it would be cruel not to.”

So I ask “If you provide water for a dog, why not for yourself?”

It always get’s a smile and is a bit of a lightbulb moment.

Green things are usually fruit or vegetables. If you fill up on something green, it leaves less room to fill up on junk.

Green things contain potassium which is crucial for preventing high blood pressure, fibre which helps protect our colon from cancer as well as antioxidants and phytonutrients which also have a protective effect against cancer. And then there’s the highly important vitamins and minerals, which are too numerous to mention and will be dealt with in another post.

Nuts are a good snack because they are high in protein and fibre to keep you full, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and the mono and polyunsaturared oils they contain are protective against heart disease.

Watch your portion size, stick to one handful per day.

Health isn’t just about not eating chocolate and filling up on alfalfa sprouts.

Health is about the mind as well.

Giving a compliment doesn’t cost a thing, and yet it’s a two for one deal. Both you and the other person reap the benefit.

Think someone has nice earrings? Don’t keep it inside, tell them. Think the fella in the DVD store is always helpful? Tell him.

You will feel good.

Adults need 5 serves of vegetables in order to obtain enough vitamins and minerals for the body to function.

Aiming for 5 serves is a much more positive approach to healthy eating.

Many people sit down with a pen and paper when they decide they would like to be a little healthier, and they decide on all the things they will cut out of their diet.

Rather than ‘I will not eat chocolate for a week’ which is negative and very difficult to maintain, why not try aiming for the much more positive goal of adding 5 serves of vegetables.

That way you end up filling up on your 5 and are less likely to feel like chocolate anyway.

Global rates of physical activity are decreasing and it is because of this that our waist lines are increasing.

How much time do you spend on the computer or TV? We all need to move.

We should be aiming for 30 minutes of moderate activity each day. This goal was to get you thinking about how much time you spend on the computer and to get you moving when you would normally be sitting on your behind.

Mindful eating. They key to happy and healthy eating.

The world is a busy place and it’s difficult to squeeze eating in, and very easy to grab a bite to eat while we are doing 10 other things. On the phone, cleaning the kitchen sink and eating a sandwhich all at the same time sound familiar? Only to be hungry 1 hour later because your brain never even registered that you ate.

Or, to eat a whole bag of chips in one go, only because you didn’t even realise you had started eating the bag in the first place.

1. Turn the tv and your phone off and focus on what the food tastes, smells and feels like.
2. Be conscious of when you have become full, and stop eating at that moment.
3. Don’t eat at your desk.
4. Enjoy every single mouthful. Not just the first or last.

Final words

You have probably noticed that each of these goals is positive. There was no ‘don’t eat carbs after 5pm, don’t drink soft drink or you must not eat chocolate today.’

(Not eating carbs after 5 pm is totally unnecessary by the way)

Goals need to be positive in order for them to work, in order for them not to do your head in with mental anguish.

I suggest choosing one of these 7 goals and sticking to it for a week, or whoever long you wish. Turn it into a habit. Or come up with your very own.

We would love to hear from you if you followed these goals during the week. What was easy, what was hard?

Stay happy and healthy,

The Nutrition Guru and The Chef.

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