Eggplant – Japanese Style

Think eggplant is a soggy mushy mess of a veg? Well you need to read this recipe

The Nutrition Guru and the Chef


Eggplant is high in fibre which is essential for a healthy digestive system and in the prevention of colon cancer.  It is also high in potassium which serves many important functions, most noteably it helps to lower blood pressure.
Sesame Seeds are high in vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, iron and tryptophan (which gets converted in our body to the ‘feel good’ hormone Seratonin which is great for our mood).
Miso paste is high in protein, with a whopping 2 grams of protein in just 1tbsp, and thought to be protective against cancer.
The trick with eggplant is to cook it until it is soft, but still has a bit of bite to it. This dish is perfect to serve in the middle of the table with rice as a vegetarian meal, with some steamed cabbage or carrots, broccoli, asian green vegetables.
Alternatively you could serve with your choice of meat. You could even serve with a pre cooked bbq…

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