A Sunday of food

So today I was tired, and I just wanted to stay home.

So I did.

And this is what happened…

1.Fresh basil and mint from the garden blended with sugar to make the most delightful flavour explosion.

2. Too hot for dinner, so komaju noodles (high in fibre) with pickled ginger, fresh mint and basil, dressed with soy and lime juice (best cold salad in my life).


1.Snack time. My first go at sashimi. The Chef normally makes it for me, because he is the sushi master. But he was at work and I had a craving for fish. Served with corn kernels, shallot and watercress.

2. Basil and mint (from the garden) icecream. No need for an icecream maker, just a stick blender. This was the perfect cool down on a hot day. So refreshing. The neighbour tried some and he said his ‘tastebuds came alive!’


1. Breakfast time yoghurt, mango, fresh young coconut and pomegranate

2. Afternoon cool down. 100% apple juice poured into my favourite vintage glasses. Rimmed with the basil and mint sugar. Heaven


My belly is telling me to stay home for the whole day more often

Have you had any cooking adventures over the weekend?

Stay happy and healthy…The Nutrition Guru

3 thoughts on “A Sunday of food

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