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The Nutrition Guru and the Chef

There’s one term that my eyeballs keep reading a million times a day. It’s all over blogs, TV, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and yes, Pinterest.

Superfood. This term hurts my eyeballs and my brain. I physically cringe every time I read it, and I’ll tell you why. It’s not the foods as such that hurt, but the hype surrounding them.

Top 10 Superfoods to turn you into a supermodel’

‘Superfoods for an overnight 6 pack’

‘Cleanse and detoxify with these new superfoods’

‘Cure your arthritis – buy this superfood’

Nutiva Hemp Protein Shake

Although the term Superfood is relatively new, the foods themselves are not. Foods such as pomegranate, quinoa, chia, honey and beetroot are all of a sudden amazingly wonderful and added to everyone’s diet for weight loss, energy and vitality along with raw cocoa, asian banana and paw paw to name a few.

I love anything which promotes good nutrition and there…

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