Sunday Morning Pancakes

The Chef’s pancakes are my favourite. Light, fluffy, flavoursome. I’m surprised he’s shared his recipe with you actually. Consider yourself super lucky! Ingredients 260g Self Raising Flour 110 Grams Raw Sugar or Coconut Sugar (low G.I) 275 ml Milk 1 Egg 1 … Continue reading

Dark Chocolate Bark

You all know me now, I have a major sweet tooth and love dark chocolate. If I deny myself chocolate and go cold turkey, it just doesn’t work for me. After 3 days I’m a raging lunatic and end up buying … Continue reading

Grilled Camembert Cheese, Thyme Infused Honey, Pistachio and Macadamia Nuts

This is simple, homely and delicious. Grilling the cheese creates a little disc of pure savoury deliciousness which oozes like lava when you slice into it with a knife. The honey creates sweetness to cut through the rich flavours of … Continue reading

Black Sesame and Coconut Icecream

This recipe was born after looking at my kitchen bench. For some unknown reason, there was a packet of black sesame seeds, a jar of palm sugar syrup, rice malt syrup and a can of coconut cream sitting on my bench that … Continue reading

A Sunday of food

So today I was tired, and I just wanted to stay home. So I did. And this is what happened… 1.Fresh basil and mint from the garden blended with sugar to make the most delightful flavour explosion. 2. Too hot … Continue reading

Panna Cotta

Want a dessert that tastes delightful AND is easy to make? Look no further. This uses ingredients that  most people always have on hand, and literally takes 5 minutes to make. It does take time to set in the fridge, but it’s … Continue reading

Coconut Chocolate Mousse

It’s light, its fluffy and it tastes delicious. Even better still, it takes about 3 minutes and only uses 3 ingredients. With no eggs or milk, this mousse is dairy free, gluten free and suitable for vegans. Make sure you … Continue reading

Lovely Lemon Tart

This is my go-to recipe. My go-to when I need a birthday cake, go-to when I need a dessert for a dinner party that I need to be able to make the day before because I’m busy, go-to when I … Continue reading

Berry, white chocolate and rosewater frappe

This may sound a bit fiddly, but believe me it isn’t. It just needs to be prepared the day before. Perfect for a snazzy little party, or a solo sunbaking session on the back deck. Recipe Ingredients 200 grams white … Continue reading

Coconut Icecream with Ginger and Lemon Grass

I felt like icecream lastnight, and all I could rummage from the kitchen was a single can of coconut milk. I went scratching around the kitchen further and came up with a stalk of lemon grass and a knob of … Continue reading

How to control your icecream urge

My soft spot is for icecream, so I thought I would share with you my special way of keeping my portion under control. I have found that using these mini icecream cones are fabulous because you can pop a dollop of icecream … Continue reading

Tangelo Gelato

Words, recipe and photographs by: The Nutrition Guru. Ok so my soft spot is for icecream. I just love it. My boss has recently let me borrow an icecream machine so I am in heaven, and so is The Chef with … Continue reading

Avocado Icecream

Words, recipe and Photography by: The Nutrition Guru You are probably mortified by the sound of avocado in an icecream. Stick with me here. One of our philosophies is ‘you never know till you give it a go’. This is … Continue reading

Eat treats without the GUILT

Many people often ask me, ‘which foods are good and which foods are bad’ but this isn’t a question that can be answered with a list of ticks and crosses. This is a simplistic view that doesn’t take into account … Continue reading

Maison de Provence – A French Patisserie in the Country

Hidden in the quiet hinterland town of Cooroy on the Sunshine Coast, Maison de Provence sits. Locals have known about this place for a long time, and we think they have purposely kept it a ‘town secret’ so that they could enjoy an endless supply … Continue reading

Creamy White Chocolate Chai and Vanilla Pots

This recipe is so versatile as it can be served warm or cold. Serve warm with a runny custard like texture (perfect on a cold winters night) or, chill in the fridge to thicken and set. This isn’t one of our … Continue reading

Jeffa’s Jaffa Chocolate Potion

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This delight isn’t one of our low fat low sugar recipes, although it certainly is a delicious little treat. Following our healthy eating philosophy, a small amount of ‘naughtiness’ once in a while is not going to hurt. Consciously choosing to eat a wide … Continue reading