A Sunday of food

So today I was tired, and I just wanted to stay home. So I did. And this is what happened… 1.Fresh basil and mint from the garden blended with sugar to make the most delightful flavour explosion. 2. Too hot … Continue reading

AJ Vietnamese Noodle House, Brisbane City

Words and Photographs by: The Nutrition Guru One thing The Chef taught me, was to’ never judge a restaurant by its cover’. I had always thought that working in some of the finest restaurants, he would be picky in where he ate, … Continue reading

Breakfast: It doesn’t HAVE to be cereal and toast!

Do you or the kids skip breakfast because you just don’t enjoy breakfast foods? Then break the mould and find something you enjoy! The Nutrition Guru has noodles every morning with some vegetables ! Buckwheat, soba, udon, rice noodles…it’s limitless. … Continue reading