A Chat with Poh Ling Yeow – She Makes Me Smile


Many of you know may know Poh Ling Yeow from MasterChef Australia or her TV show Poh’s Kitchen on the ABC, where she whisked, baked and steamed her way through amazingly delicious recipes.

Some of you may simply know her for that infectious smile, or as the esteemed painter and artist that she is.

On top of these things, Poh is also a smart cookie and recently passed on her advice for staying health. It’s simple, relatable and also most importantly, it’s achievable.

Poh revealed her trick for cutting back  on all the unplanned unhealthy foods. “Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach. I have, and have to say don’t do it or you’ll have what I call a dirty chaser for dinner. A dirty chaser goes like this.  You have crisps in the car on the way home with the shopping because your starving, then dinner is wrecked.”

“So you think ‘Hmmmm, I’m just going to have some other god-awful junk’ and you are never satisfied so you just keep chasing with more horrible crappy food and then you go to bed with self loathing,” Poh says. “I used to do it a lot in my 20’s but luckily not so much anymore.”

Isn’t it true. being tempted when hungry with a car full of groceries is just plain torture for even the person with the most strongest of willpower.

Being hungry whilst doing the food shopping in the supermarket also plays havock on the food choices you make. A rumbling belly, hunger pains and a cranky hungry mood waft over you and all of a sudden those chocolate bars, the frozen pizza’s, cream buns and tim tams looks delightful. The carrots, brown rice and tinned tomatoes (the things you actually went in for) don’t even register on your radar.

The best way to prevent this, is to register whether you are hungry before going to do the shopping. If you are, have a piece of toast before leaving the house, a piece of fruit or a small glass of milk before leaving the office. Just something to take the edge off and prevent you from turning into the cookie monster.

Another tip Poh shared is to park a long way from the shops when purchasing food. “Walk to the shops if the distance is reasonable because having to carry all the shopping will definitely make you think twice about what you need as opposed to what you want. Plus, it’s great fitness!”

The Chef and I love Poh and her food philosophy. I often catch The Chef flicking through Poh’s cook book which is one of those books containing easy and tasty recipes. At the same time, there are recipes just enough outside of your culinary comfort zone to have a blast in the kitchen with.

Poh is busily working on her forthcoming book ‘Same Same but Different’ due for release Mother’s Day 2014. As she explains the philosophy behind the new book and the recipes, I became so excited listening to her passion and enthusiasm for her latest creation. She is an artist after all, and I think that will show through many elements of her new book.

I can’t wait for you all to see one of the chapters I particular, it sounds brilliant. You all know me by now, and how anti ‘no-carb diets’ I am, so it is with great secretive excitement that I look forward to this chapter she is planning.

Can’t tell you any more that that, you will all just have to grab the book when it’s released. In the meantime, if you are trying to lose weight, or live a healthier life in general, why  not try some of Poh’s wonderful health tips she has given us here for the week ahead. Write them down on a piece of paper as a goal, and gain inspiration from the fact that it was Poh’s advice!

Stay happy and healthy…

The Nutrition Guru and Poh Ling Yeow x


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