Top 3 Tips for Controlling Your Portions

Portion size is a huge factor when it comes to things that influence your weight. Even if you eat too much healthy food,  you will put on weight. If all you ate was oranges but the total kilojoules in those oranges for the day exceeded your daily requirement, you will put on weight, regardless of the fact that oranges are low kilojoule, fat free and healthy.

Here are my Top 3 tips for keeping your portion sizes under control

1. Shrink your plate – Plates have now increased in size and so have our portions to fit the plate. Even if it’s only for you, go and purchase yourself a smaller plate to eat from. Smaller plate = smaller portion and such a simple and effective trick.


2. Use your palm – When eating meat, try and stick to a 100 gram portion. Many recipes often call for 250 gram portions but you don’t need to follow this. Just cut it to 100 grams per person. As a guide, 100 grams looks like the palm of your hand, or the length, height and width of a deck of cards. Follow this guide and you can significantly reduce your overall kilojoule and fat intake.

3. When dining out, always look at the entrée menu. Entree’s are often more than enough when dining out, with Main Meals often going overboard. Choose an entrée particularly on occasions when you know you are going to have dessert.

Stay happy and Healthy…



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