How to shop like a Nutritionist


The world of food can be confusing, overwhealming and make you feel doubt if you are doing the right thing. Right?

Every wondered how to shop like a nutritionist? Well, by sharing the process I personally go through in my head when shopping, hopefully it will make the trip to the supermarket that little bit easier.

  • Stick to the outside: The outside aisles on the periphery of the supermarket hold all the healthiest foods. I walk around the outside and pick up all the fresh fruit and veg, milk, eggs, yoghurt, lean meats and fish and frozen veges and berries from the freezer section.
  • Avoid the centre: The centre aisles of the supermarket contain the pre-packaged junk. Do we need it? No. Do we want it? Yes. Chocolate, chips, and microwaveable cheesy macaroni don’t need to be in the shopping cart. The only things I grab from the centre aisles are flour, sugar (yes, I am human and eat sugar), packets and tins of lentils and beans, pasta, tinned tomatoes, canned fish, baked beans, and herbs, spices and nuts.
  • Try to differentiate between what you NEED to eat and what you WANT to eat: Pretend you only have an extremely limited budget and can only afford the absolute basics. It will make you think twice before you pop those choc fudge cookies, and extra litre of soft drink, or 3 wheels of camembert in the trolley.
  • Put your black and white glasses on: This may seem weird, but try and imagine the supermarket in black and white. Loads of money goes into marketing food with super bright colours and flashy colourful packaging to entice us to buy. Don’t be sucked in by the marketing techniques.
  • Don’t take notice of the end displays: They never contain a healthy item. Big brands pay top dollar for that prime position on the end of each aisle, which always displays a marked down product in snazzy packaging, though rarely is it a product that you need in your trolley.
  • Choose one: If you really must have a treat, choose ONE treat and one only. You don’t need 5.
  • Eat before you go: If you are hungry when shopping you will purchase A) more than you need and B) more unhealthy foods than healthy foods. If you feel hungry before shopping, always have something to eat before hand. A piece of fruit, nuts, small bowl of cereal, it will make a  huge difference.
  • Be on the look out: New healthy products are released every day. Don’t get stuck in a rut purchasing the same things, keep your eyes peeled for exciting new ingredients (with your black and white goggles on of course).
  • Peek in your trolley: before you get to the check out ensure you have at
    least one of each red, green, yellow and brown vegetables. If you don’t have on of them in there, turn back and get it.Would you like me to write about how I read a food label such as ‘How much sugar is too much on a label?’ Drop a comment below…

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