Don’t Complain


Are you in this trap?

Someone asks ‘How are you?’ and you rattle off that you are ‘Good, busy, 100 things to do, working hard for a boss that overworks you, have had the flu and you bought a pair of shoes from a shop assistant who was horrible to you. On top of  that you explain that you have to ‘Get home and pick up the car from the mechanic who is charging an arm and a leg, and buy something to eat because the sandwich you just bought was stale and had too much mayonnaise. Don’t people know how to make a simple sandwich?’

Negative thoughts and verbalisations affect us and the people we impose those onto. It is normal to have thoughts that are negative and to not be positive every moment of the day, but it isn’t normal to only discuss negative thoughts.

Think about this next time someone asks how your day has been and think of ways to verbalise the positive aspects of your day or what you will be doing that day.

It will work wonders.


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