Don’t Say Yes to Everything


Are you a YES person? Do you say YES to everything you are asked to do?

It’s ok if you do. Many of us fall into the trap.

Yes, I’ll wash up
Yes, I’ll stay back at work

Yes, I’ll pick up the birthday cake for you
Yes, I’ll spend the weekend at a party I don’t want to go to

Yes, I’ll listen to music I don’t even like

Yes, I’ll do this favour for you

Saying yes to everything can turn us into burnt out, overworked, stress heads. Here we are thinking we are helping and supporting people, but we are neglecting ourselves.

In the long run, neglect for ourselves means that the people around us don’t experience us at our peak. They don’t get to laugh with us, joke with us, gain wisdom or inspiration from us, or cry with us – because we are tired and worn out from keeping everyone else happy and we don’t get to shine.

It’s important to ask yourself these 2 important questions:

Why do you feel the need to say yes all the time.

What is it about saying NO that you struggle with?

Try this tomorrow:

The next time someone asks you to do something for them that you really can’t or don’t want to do – say no.


What do you think?

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