Wasting Time is Good For You


Sounds familiar?

I spend too much time on pinterest/facebook etc

I probably shouldn’t watch …cooking show because it’s at a time when I should be doing the washing up but I can’t help it I love that show!

My weekend was ok,  yesterday I spent some time reading a magazine and before I knew it an hour had gone down the drain, I could have gotten 20 chores done in that time.


If your 30 mins on facebook  gives you time to yourself, to gather your thoughts, inspire you, wind up, wind down, escape from people, connect with people then GOOD.

It doesn’t matter what it is, if it makes you happy then do it.

Far too many of us don’t spend TIME looking after ourselves so if your 30 mins at night on facebook stalking old highschool buddies and chatting with your bestie about things that make you laugh, do it.

If your hour in the sunshine reading your favourite book or magazine recharges you and gives you inspiration to keep going for the bust week ahead of you, do it.

If it makes you less stressed, happier and more productive, do it.

Ok, i’m off to spend some time reading some blogs 🙂





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