Are You Doing the Right Thing?


There is so much nutrition info floating out there. One week your told the Paleo diet is the only way to eat, the next you learn it is low in calcium and vitamin B and can cause deficiencies.

Which way do you turn? Do you keep trying to get on top of your health but constantly feel like you are doing the wrong thing according to the next article you find on Facebook or other online channels?

Well here are the simple questions to ask yourself.

  • Do you eat healthy nutritious food 80% of the time?
  • Do you allow yourself a treat every now and then and enjoy it when you do without feeling guilt for the next 3 days?
  • Do you have a desire to learn and continue learning about health and nutrition in order to live the healthiest and happiest life you can?
  • Does the majority of your diet consist of fresh food?
  • Do you gain your nutrition and health information form credible sources by looking at the qualifications of the person providing the information?
  • Do you make a conscious decision to steer clear of packaged foods as much as you can
  • Do you listen to your satiety signals and stop eating when you are full?
  • Do you cook most of your meals at home rather than relying on take away food?
  • Do  you read recipe magazines to gain inspiration to cook different meals?
  • Do you try and eat as many different foods from all the food groups that you can? For example you like to try ALL the green vegetables not just 1?
  • Do you actively make choices each day to be healthy?

Well if you do, you are doing a fabulous job and should be mighty proud. It’s not about following the latest nutrition fad. It’s about making the choices above and trying the very best you can working with what you’ve got.

You get a big high five from us!



6 thoughts on “Are You Doing the Right Thing?

  1. Great advice! There always seems to be a new type of diet out there but I’m guilty of changing my diet continuously. For me though it’s more about finding what foods work for me and what doesn’t. I have medically diagnosed IBS which a specialist will admit that’s the title they give you when they aren’t are what the problem is. There is no tests for food intolerances only allergies. This makes it a very long process of basically trying different diets and seeing which one works best. A certain diet may only work for me for awhile then I’m back to feeling horrible and scratching my head what in earth has happened. For me, that’s why I’m always chopping and changing my way of eating. Happy Thursday! 🙂

      • Yep I was a low fodmapper for months and months under supervision of a dietition, it was working (although I kept losing weight until I was really underweight) then it wasn’t. Then I started GAPS but couldn’t get an appointment with a practitioner because they were so busy they weren’t taking appointment so I followed the book and tried to do it alone but was confused about a few jobs and had no one to ask questions. One main question was how long are you supposed to live on vegetable soup and bone broth?! After months of that and no help I decided to try a nutritionist/naturopath which is where I am now (& back on fodmaps). The road is indeed a long one. I have a feeling sugar is a big problem for me and also coffee and I’m going to take part in the I Quit Sugar program while still following low fodmap. I know sometimes doing these diets may seem gimmicky but they really do help some people and I only ever follow a diet with medical backing. I wouldn’t go on a purple only diet or anything ridiculous 🙂

  2. You’re speaking my language! It’s getting harder and harder to find good nutrition advice that isn’t a trend. I’ve had to take a little break from reading about it! Makes me cranky. Thanks for always keeping it real!

    • Thanks mamma,

      It pains me to see so much wankery out there, and people making millions from it.

      I’ll just keep trying to spread the realistic advice that’s based on science. Not as popular, but much more ethical and it actually works!

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