Beat Weigh Gain over Christmas


Christmas can be a crazy time for the health goals. Friends and co-workers constantly offering you a sneaky champagne, baked goodies and Christmas cake. The parties start and suddenly your tempted with foods that you know aren’t going to do your body any favours, but you think ‘It’s Christmas, right?’

It’s easy to fall into the trap of using ‘Well, I’ll just have one more slice’ as the quick excuse in your mind. This would be fine if the Christmas indulgence lasted only one day, but the problem is it starts from early December right through to New Year. The average person now puts on 1 kilogram over the Christmas time, of which they don’t lose later. One kg might not seem like a lot, but over time, that’s 10kg in 10 years simply from over indulging over a period of one month at Christmas.

Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t indulge. You know me by now and my health philosophy is ‘everything in moderation’.

So how do I deal with the Christmas time temptation?

When I am offered a piece of chocolate mocha cake for the third time in a day, I simply say “Thank you but I’m trying to look after my health at the moment and I’m feeling great for it”.

I find this stops people in their tracks, and they don’t try and offer it to you another four times

Instead of them saying ‘Come on, It’s Christmas!’, they are inspired by someone having the control of their health and ability to simply decline

And as for me, I have the feeling that I’m in control of my health and won’t be un-doing all the healthy work I have done throughout the year

‘Saying I’m on a diet’ won’t particularly work, neither will ‘Oh I’ve already had a slice’. It goes in one ear of the person offering it to you and out the other and chances are that you will we swayed by that person waving the chocolate fudge cake in front of you even though you have already had 2 slices.

So, use my line. “Thanks anyway, I’m trying to look after my health at the moment and I’m feeling great’. You’ll save the dreaded weight gain over Christmas season and who knows, you might just inspire someone to look after their health too!


3 thoughts on “Beat Weigh Gain over Christmas

  1. What a great response! And it’s also really accurate – you do feel great when you’re looking after your health. Nothing like a sugar hangover (as I call them) to ruin the Christmas season!

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