Top 3 Ways to Lose Weight

Weight LossHere are my top 3 recommendations for the weight loss and health. They don’t involve forking out a heap of money on supplements and superfoods, nor do they involve 3049 sit ups a day.

Beware, they sound so simple and almost plain. But it is amazing how many people go straight for the difficult things (I’m thinking slim shakes and drastic diets and exercise regimes) that they forget about the foundation steps such as the following:

1. Focus on one thing not 10
Choose one thing in your diet that you would like to change, and focus on that as your goal for 1 week. Once you have mastered that change for 7 continuous days, add another goal and repeat. You won’t get anywhere if you want to change every single thing about your diet at once, your brain and emotions will explode.

2. Shift your Focus
Focus on what foods you could eat MORE of, rather than what foods you should be eating less of.

3. Carbs are not the enemy.
All too often I see people cut carbs completely of their diet due to fear and incorrect information they have read on the web. When, all they need to do is switch to a wholegrain variety and reduce the portions. Carbs are extremely important for our brain and immune function as well as our mood and with life already being hectic and stressful enough, carbs as a very important part of a healthy diet.

So, start out with the easy things. The basics, the good stuff, the things that will actually work…trust me. Once you can do these 3 things for a week. You are ready to build upon it. It’s all part of the plan…



4 thoughts on “Top 3 Ways to Lose Weight

  1. Great post-the KISS principle is too often overlooked when it comes to health (& exercise). If it is easy to adopt, more people will begin and remain with their new habits. Hence…results!

  2. Spot on with this! I find alot of people hit the ground running at the start, putting so many changes into action they become overwhelmed. Another good approach is being strategic with the food you buy for the house. If you only buy natural and healthy ingredients, your putting yourself in a better position to succeed. That has definately helped me!

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