Top 3 Tips for Controlling Emotional Eating

  We don’t only eat to satisfy our hunger. We also turn to food in times of stress and sadness because life is busy, hectic, frightening and bewildering at times. The trick is to acknowledge that this is a fact of … Continue reading

Fasting, detoxing, should you do it?

Recently a reader asked me what my thoughts on fasting and detoxing were. The lemon detox diet, a juice fast, a no food at all fast…they are all out there claiming to kick start the body, rid toxins, remove fat, … Continue reading

I feel wealthy when I am healthy

I have recently been suffering from lengthy chronic pain, not being able to eat solid food for 9 months, and a time in hospital. You can read the story here. Although the last 9 months have been exhausting mentally and … Continue reading