Sunday Morning Pancakes

The Chef’s pancakes are my favourite. Light, fluffy, flavoursome. I’m surprised he’s shared his recipe with you actually. Consider yourself super lucky! Ingredients 260g Self Raising Flour 110 Grams Raw Sugar or Coconut Sugar (low G.I) 275 ml Milk 1 Egg 1 … Continue reading

Heavenly Healthy Spread

This week I am trying to squeeze more heart healthy monounsaturated fats into my diet by way of avocado’s and nuts. Why? Well I’d like to live a long, healthy and happy life and these nutrients are a proven effective … Continue reading

Breakfast: It doesn’t HAVE to be cereal and toast!

Do you or the kids skip breakfast because you just don’t enjoy breakfast foods? Then break the mould and find something you enjoy! The Nutrition Guru has noodles every morning with some vegetables ! Buckwheat, soba, udon, rice noodles…it’s limitless. … Continue reading